Western healing techniqu
Healing is the
manipulation of the
body’s energy circuits to
regain balance and to
help the body’s innate
healing mechanisms.

uses the principles of
acupuncture and
Chinese medicine to
promote healing. Using
the fingers to stimulate,
acupressure is used to
relieve a variety of
symptoms. Violet uses
Jin Shin Jyutsu® to help
you heal.

Muscle Testing
is a sold proven process
to learn and experience
the breakthrough
process designed to
help overcome negative
beliefs and create
better outcomes for
Once known as
“Emotional Healing
Thru Forgiveness,”
Violet uses the Backman
Emotional Technique®
to help you achieve
your results.
Self Healing is
important to help
continue to promote the
healing and healthygiving
properties of the
other therapies that
Violet provides.
  VIOLET will instruct you how to
employ Jin Shin Jyutsu ®
on your own to help you
through stressful and
difficult moments.

Violet is a certified in the arts of healing,
energy and wellness. Using disciplines
from ancient Asia and the West, Violet
bring the art of harmony and energy to the
body and mind.

Energetic Healing
Muscle Testing
Self Healing.

“Energetic Healing is
the conscious and
skilled use of
modalities to benefit a
person on subtle and
emotional levels, as
well as in their general
and physical wellbeing.”

Violet is certified in:
Jin Shin Jyustu®
Backman Emotional Technique®
Massage therapy.

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